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Crafted in the Hawaiian Islands, OCEAN Organic Vodka is a tribute to the oceans that provide life for our planet.

Made from organic sugar cane and blended with deep ocean mineral water this award winning spirit delivers a perfectly balanced taste and finish to enliven the flavor of your favorite drink. (40% ALC/VOL 80 Proof)

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Deep Ocean Mineral Water

Water is a key element in creating unique flavor profiles in all spirits. We source our water from 3,000 feet deep off the Kona Coast of Hawaii. This deep ocean mineral water provides our trademark taste and texture.

Our water began a 1000-year voyage in the northern hemisphere as dense glacier water plunged to the depths of the ocean making its way around the world and through the Hawaiian Islands. It’s drawn from a depth of 3000 feet and is blended with our spirits.

Deep Island Hawaiian Rum

Deep Island Hawaiian Rum is made from organic sugar cane and delivers an exceptional rum experience complete with all of the flavor and character that is germane to fresh pressed cane juice.

Blended with deep ocean mineral water, the taste is a little bit sweet with hints of tropical florals and molasses. Deep Island Hawaiian Rum embodies the very spirit of our islands. (40%ALC/VOL 80 Proof)

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