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Organic Farming

We are a USDA certified organic operation and producer of organic spirits. By definition, we cultivate without the use of industrial pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The volcanic soil on the island is extremely rich and fertile enabling us to grow one of the largest selections of sugar cane varieties from around the world.

(Bill Scott - Master Distiller, Shay Smith - Founder)

Master Distiller

Bill Scott is widely regarded as one of the industry’s leaders in white spirits production, spirits flavoring and product invention. He is an expert in building formulas that comply with the rigors of organic certification while raising the bar in taste profiles.

Bill was trained by a 40-year veteran Master Distiller and Biochemist which led him to approach fermentation and the distillation process using unconventional methods and ingredient catalysts.

Distilling Artistry

We use the most advanced and latest technologies in continuous column distillation for ultimate control of purity and flavor.

The art of distilling begins with the selection of raw materials and monitoring each step of the process to precisely remove the unwanted impurities while keeping optimal character.